Between 2001 and 2005 Chernigov
NEI "Chimtextilmash" together with our manufacturing team had been working on designing and then installation of new equipment for production of vegetable oil without changing its natural properties.
       Apparatus supply principal allows processing of oil-bearing cultures under temperatures up
to 43 degrees C.
       In order to achieve indicated parameters we use technology that is based on sourcing the energy from the inner energy of the seeds themselves. Due to apparatus supply principle outside sources of energy are not used at all in regular production.

      The main goal of development and implementation of the low temperature technologies was to produce such vegetable oils, which due to unchanged natural composition of lipids, will not be stored but fully digested by human body in order to avoid obesity.
       For more detailed information about role of lipids in human body click on article links below (attachments in MS Word).

Oil from seeds of flax against cod-liver oil.doc.doc
           Poly-saturated fatty acids and their role.doc

       In product that we make for you are preserved all their natural components which means that it is not only excellent source of food but also vital source of renewal strength for human body.

    Fatty acids research results for flax and hemp

       Some types of oil are already in mass production and some are still require more information to be collected in terms of technical parameters.
       Stay with us and we promise to inform you about our changes and innovations.

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