For more than 10 years we are working in the area of growing oil-bearing seed cultures. It is in December of 1997 we started a line that was producing vegetable oil from oil-bearing seeds.
      Our working team contains more than 50 people.
      Factory is located on the area of about 800 m2. It is equipped with storage for raw materials and finished product with total capacity of 150 T of vegetable oil. It also has packing and shipping departments.
      Presence of Quality Control and raw materials self-supply systems provide firm grounds for selection of only the highest quality raw materials for production.
     Our unique technological process allows us to reach high results in making high quality product while keeping reasonable prices.
     Production output/volume of the factory is 1.6 - 2.5 T of oil or 3 T of mustard powder per day.

       All factory products get certified by the Chernigov State Center of Standardization and Metrology.
Factory management operates with the well-thought through costing and marketing politics.
Due to high quality and competitive prices our mustard powder and oil are very popular not only among Ukrainian manufacturers but also abroad.

We will exceed your expectations.

Contact information:
Phone/Fax: (+38) 0462 623 840
                  (+38) 0462 623 705
14031 ннн "Kronos-MK", V.Vasilevskoi st. 9a, Chernigov, Ukraine.

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